Keep Your Business Safe From Fire

Keep Your Business Safe From Fire

Install a commercial fire system today

A fire can devastate your employees and lose your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Avoid a crisis in Texarkana Metro area by installing a commercial fire system as soon as possible. The security crew at Global Security provides fire safety systems for commercial buildings like:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Offices

When you’re in charge of keeping your building safe, you don’t have time to wait. Protect your employees, students, patients and clients with a high-quality fire alarm system right now.

Trust us, your local fire security experts

We know most business owners haven’t memorized the fire codes of Texarkana Metro area. Don’t worry—that’s what our team is for. The security experts at Global Security stay up to date on the code requirements for where to install detectors and pieces.

Call 903-794-5962 as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to go over your fire safety needs.